In view of the fact that dental equipment has been lacking new image and more effective products in Taiwan and the global market for several years, our company has independently designed and developed dental equipment, covering a range of CAD/CAM solutions. We will continue to work on the design and development of new dental equipment.

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Professional software and hardware technical support, as well as customized products are the core of our services. As a dental digital solution provider, our goal is to provide the best digital solution with the best quality. In addition to complete educational training and fast maintenance service, Idensol’s Internet of Things (IoT) function can optimize the maintenance management efficiency of dental milling machines and provide users with more convenient and real-time product service.


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Idensol chairside digital dental milling machine is our specialty. Taiwan technology cooperates with human factors engineering design by Germany. It has a user-friendly interface and simple touch operation. We also develop and produce related equipment for dental milling machines, such as dental vacuum cleaners, dental milling tool and related equipment.